General information

Business Terms for Law Firm Sandra Moll

Business registration number: 26947383

Business terms apply to all cases. At the start of a case the terms and conditions are agreed upon by the two parties: the client and the lawyer. It is also agreed that the law firm will be allowed to send sensitive information to the client’s email box.

Description of Assistance Agreed Work

When we receive a new assignment, the client is sent an email with an outline of the agreed work and the estimated time involved, if possible. The client is always welcome to know how much time has been spent on the case. The nature of the work on the particular case can of course be changed along the way. We check for any conflict of interest when the case begins, and therefore we ask you to please state the name and address of the opposing party in the case.


The fees for legal aid are settled according to the time spent on the case at DKK 3.500 per case hour including VAT and photo copies. The amount of work, the nature of the case, the outcome of the case, and the liability associated with the case can also be included in the determination of the fee. The time spent on transport is settled at half the hourly rate of the case per hour (= DKK 1750).
For some cases a deposit is charged, which is to be paid into the client account of the office. For long term cases, part of the fee can be settled monthly or quarterly. Any court fees, regis-tration fees and other expenses in the case are to be paid in addition to the fee. In certain cases it is possible to obtain free legal aid or legal aid cover, and you ought to investigate whether this is possible in your case. See the conditions at
The hourly fee is adjusted every year n April 1 by maximum 4 %.

Identificaton, Money Laundering, and Personal Data

Data Identification (e.g. a driver’s licence, passport or health insurance card) must be present-ed. For companies please state ownership. All lawyers are covered by the Danish Money Laun-dering Act and are obliged to report to the State Prosecutor for Serious Economic and Interna-tional Crime, if there is any suspicion or reasonable presumption of money laundering or ter-rorist financing. The Law Firm Sandra Moll is the data controller for the Personal Data Act. We collect, receive, process, pass on and share the information. Personal data is stored according to the law and is deleted after a period of 5 years. If you want to know the information we have registered about you or if you want us to correct or delete the information, you are wel-come to contact us.

Legal Responsibility and Limitation of Liability

All lawyers in the law firm Bredgade, Copenhagen, are members of the Bar Association and are appointed and accredited by the Danish Ministry of Justice. All lawyers are subject to profes-sional secrecy and confidentiality pursuant to the legal rules of the Bar Association. We have fixed internal guidelines to avoid conflicts of interest. Liability is limited to the liability insurance coverage of a maximum of DKK 5 million per task and does not include indirect loss, including operational loss, loss of data, lost profits, goodwill and other indirect losses. The responsibility does no include liability for other advisors, to whom we have given part of the task, after agreement with you. The law firm Bredgade has established an insurance liability with the insurance company HDI Denmark, Indiakaj 6, 21, Copenhagen.

Client Account

The details of the client account are as follows: Nordea, registration number 5501, account number 6280549361. For probate cases and some other cases a separate client account in Nordea is set up in your name or the name of the estate. The balance on all client accounts is covered by the Guarantee Fund for Depositors and investors with a maximum limit of EUR 100.000. This limit includes the total engagement in Nordea on own accounts and client ac-counts. We are not responsible for any loss due to exceeding the limit of coverage.

Termination of the Cooperation

Both parties are entitled to terminate the cooperation at any time. Any cancellation on our part must be done with the appropriate notification for you and with consideration for the deadlines in the case. Fees must be settled for work done until this termination.

Further Information

Contact by phone: +45 31353560